Southern Tyrol

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+++ ups & downs in German and Italian +++ when the Weimer are “wimmed” in Kaltern +++ After each up, I was different once we got down. (Reinhard Karls) +++ from Talferstadt to Bozen +++ the blue aprons, the Mendel, the lake and the wine +++ Abendbrand in brachen Zinnen, und der Wind fährt durch den Saal. Und für wen im Burghof drinnen Immer noch die Brunnen rinnen – Keiner weiß es dort im Tal! (Rainer Maria Rilke 1897 at Schloss Englar) +++ Keschtnmorkt and Törggelen +++ Ora comes from Lake Garda +++ hundred-varieties of wine and dormer education +++ “And now they boil oil in a huge kettle for Dr. Luther, to burn him once he comes.” +++ a dream of raspberries with almond splinters and a fresh breeze in your hair +++

Our tour through Southern Tyrol in 7 days, up to 14 persons with a single hotel change.

Hotels ***** !
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Travel dates 2019
IST1: Saturday, 17-aug-2019 to Saturday, 24-aug-2019
IST2: Saturday, 24-aug-2019 to Saturday, 31-aug-2019
IST3: Saturday, 14-sep-2019 to Saturday, 21-sep-2019

Traveling price
Price per person in the DR for 7 nights with half-board, eBike, entrance free, transfers, guided tours: € 2350
Single-room surcharge: € 540
Does not include lunch, drinks and your personal expenses as well as travelling there and back.

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With the eBike through the Vinschgau and the Passeier Valley to Merano, on to Bolzano and the Kalterersee. Whether on the secluded larch mountain pastures on Tschögglberg with magnificent views over majestic peaks or through the gentle vineyards of the Überetsch, it is always a special pleasure to be able to cycle here. Art historical rarities and traditional customs provide a deep insight into the diverse South Tyrolean culture. Luscious lodging in the Ottmanngut and relaxing in the carefully restored Gothic castle Englar. Excellent South Tyrolean cuisine, from rural simple to high gastronomic, and best companions from local wine cellars exceed all culinary expectations. An unforgettable pleasure trip in the south of Tyrol.

Arrival on Saturday to Meran.

Target airports Innsbruck or Verona.
Booking at daily rates on request.

The train will take you to Bozen within less than four hours from Munich without having to transfer. The you have take the regional  train to Meran.

By car, it’s approx. 270 km from Munich to our starting hotel in Meran. When the weather is good, the route across the Fern pass (GAP – Imst – Serfaus – Reschen am See, through Vinschgau to Meran) has by far the more beautiful landscape than the high-traffic Brenner pass. If you wish to park your car at Schloss Englar, you can take our tour bus to get from there to the start hotel in Meran free of charge.

With your booking confirmation, you will receive the “pedelon travel information”, which contains useful notes on traveling to Meran and other advice around your trip.

The Orangerie in Ottmanngut.

Arrival on Saturday to Meran. The rooms at the Ottmanngut are available from 2 pm onwards. Quietly located in the heart of the in-house vineyard on the outskirts of Merano, the hotel enchants with its stylish ambience and its romantic garden. This Altmeraner house has a special, individual touch with its carefully and expertly selected antique furniture, the historic orangery and a small library. A courteous service has been a matter of course for generations in this family-run hotel.
Meeting point at 6 pm for a tour through the old town of Meran and from there directly to the restaurant “Saxifraga”, which is located just above the center. Among its popularity, especially among local guests, the beautiful view of the Meran basin contributes as well as the excellent South Tyrolean cuisine.

The walls of Glurns.

1st day, Sunday: Cycling in Vinschgau from Mals to Meran, 65 km
After a transfer, the bike tour begins in the upper Vinschgau, a valley full of attractive contrasts, marvelous views, many natural beauties, old traditions and exciting stories. Glimpses of the mighty Ortler with its snow-covered summit, you will cycle from Glurns, the smallest town in South Tyrol with its well-preserved medieval city walls, down the valley along the old Roman road Via Claudia Augusta. An ideal route to familiarize yourself with the comfortable pedelon eBike. Via Laas, known for its high-quality marble, which has found its way from Vinschgau into the whole world, the route leads past Schlanders via Kastelbell to Naturno.
High above the entrance to the Schnalstal valley sits Juval Castle, home to one of the Messner Mountain Museums. Naturns offers the oldest Romanesque frescoes of the Alpine region in the St. Prokulus church, an art historical treasure of exceptional importance.
A stage rich in impressions ends in the late afternoon in the thermal city of Merano. Diner in the restaurant “Meteo” in the immediate vicinity of the Roman bridge over the Passer, where Agata and Tom reinterpret the South Tyrolean cuisine in an equally tasty and original way.

Castle Schenna with the mausoleum of Archduke Johann.

2nd day, Monday: Passeiertal – Dorf Tirol, 48 km
After breakfast, the eBike will always take you slightly up to the Passeiertal valley to St. Martin. Immediately nearby is the Sandhof, the birthplace of the South Tyrolean folk hero Andreas Hofer. The permanent exhibition approaches the almost transfigured to the myth figure with a twinkle in the eye. It shows how the revolt of the Tyroleans against Napoleon came about in 1809. It allows a look behind Hofer’s forehead, in his despair over God and the Emperor. And it explains how the time after Hofer made him a hero despite his failure.
Along the lively mountain stream Passer, the trail leads past Saltaus and Riffian until just before the city gate of Merano. From there we ride back up to Dorf Tirol. Breath-taking views over the Meran basin and on Scena with its castle, the church and the mausoleum of Archduke Johann wait at the end of this stage. Opposite the village towers on a mighty castle hill, is the castle Tyrol, the ancestral castle of the Counts of Tyrol (Count von Vinschgau). The whole country is characterized by the history of this castle, since it gave the country Tyrol its name. The first construction was already built around 1100. The ring wall of the castle, which dates back to this time, is one of the oldest surviving castle walls ever. On the guided tour, you learn a lot about the founding of the county and the beginnings of the castle, about its golden age in the Middle Ages, its decay and the successful restoration.
Back to the Ottmangut you will ride downhill via Gratsch and its little church St. Peter from the Carolingian period and the vineyards of the Küchelberg are not far away.
For today’s dinner, you will visit “Kallmünz”, certainly one of the best restaurants in Meran.

Frescoes at the parish church of Niederlana.

3rd day, Tuesday: Merano – Englar Castle, 45 km
Passing the famous cycling track, the ride from Merano is just a few kilometers to Lana. Especially important for this place is the cultivation of apples. One percent of the total harvest in Europe comes from the immediate area, which is why the bike path from Merano to Bolzano is also called the apple cycling path.
The parish church of Niederlana is one of the most beautiful works of South Tyrolean Late Gothic, its splendid winged altar by Hans Schnatterpeck is known far beyond the country’s borders. With a height of more than 14 m and a width of 7 m, the intricate gilded Schnatterpeck altar carved from chestnut wood is regarded as the largest winged altar of the entire Alpine region. The altarpiece was created at the beginning of the 16th century by the Swabian sculptor Hans Schnatterpeck and his journeymen in eight years of work. The malleable display of the Bible also contains a rare representation of the mercy seat, God the Father with the body of Christ on his lap, flanked by the life-size figures of the apostles Peter and Paul.
In Terlan, a former silver mine center and today an important wine and asparagus place, a cultural-historical delicacy is awaiting you: The parish church, a highly Gothic building from the 14th century, houses the largest fresco deposit in the South Tyrol in the country. The important frescoes were probably created by Bozner master Hans Stockinger around 1399 to 1407. A special feature is the roof covered with colored glazed tiles and the bizarre church clock, where the big hand indicates the hours and the small hands the minutes.
The Etschradweg continues up to Sigmundskron Castle, an impressive castle and fortress, towering above the Bolzano basin. The ruin now houses the fourth mountain museum of the South Tyrolean extreme mountain climber Reinhold Messner.
The bike tour ends at Englar Castle, picturesquely situated amidst its orchards and vineyards. The castle charms with a stylish ambience and its romantic, cedar-covered courtyard. The house, personally run by Countess and Count Khuen-Belasi, which has been family-owned for 400 years, has a beautiful swimming pool. The comprehensive, but also careful renovation of the entire property has recently been successfully completed, so Englar is considered the best preserved Gothic castle in South Tyrol.
At 7.30 pm you will be taken by the escort bus in a short drive to the common dinner in the “Seehofkeller”. The historic 16th century vineyard is surrounded by vineyards above Lake Caldaro and is prized for its fine cuisine. From the terrace you have a beautiful view over the lake, and if the weather does not allow the outdoor dining contrary to expectations, dinner will be in the historic restaurant under a huge antique beamed ceiling.

On the Salten.

4th day, Tuesday: Schloss Englar – Bozen – Jenesien – Mölten – Terlan – Schloss Englar, 60 km
Today‘s tour will start with a leisurely loop through Girlan and Frangart, past the Veste Sigmundskron and down to the Etsch on the bicycle path of the same name to the banks of the Eisack, and from there to the valley station of the Jenesien cableway in Bozen. After nine minutes in the cableway-car, you will reach the high plateau. Due to its more than 200 sun days per year, the locals also call it the „Solar Terrace of Bozen“. The bicycle route on one of the most beautiful plateaus of Southern Tyrol will initially go three kilometers uphill from Jenesien. The eBike makes them easy to cycle. Then it continues flatly across blossoming mountain meadows and through silent larch forests over the „Salten“, a mountain ridge connecting Meran to Bozen. From here, you have several beautiful views of the Etsch valley on one, and the Sarn valley on the other side. The wonderfully traffic-tree bicycle route will lead to the mountain inn Langfenn around lunch, where the cyclists can fuel up on Southern Tyrolian specialties. The remaining section of this day leads via Mölten with a comfortable downhill ride to Terlan. The former silver mine centre now is an important wine and asparagus town. The High Gothic church from the 14th century with the colorfully glazed tiled roof of its late Gothic tower and its unusual tower clock where the large hand points the hours and the short hand points the minutes is particularly worth seeing. From here on, you will continue on 15 kilometers on a slightly rising route back to Überetsch and the Schloss Englar.
Before dinner in St Pauls you can discover the excellent quality of South Tyrolean wines at a wine tasting.

At the market square of Caldaro.

5th day, Thursday: Schloss Englar – Maria Weißenstein – Castelfeder – Kalterersee – Schloss Englar, 51 km
In the morning, the accompanying bus will take you to the pilgrimage site of Maria Weißenstein in an hour‘s drive. Today‘s ride starts here. From here, the morning section leads past Aldein and the Bletterbach and down to the Etsch valley. Physicist Max Planck already valued this unique area, and came here in his holidays to relax. On the former train route of the Fleimstalbahn, the bicycle path leads from idyllic Montan to Castelfelder, a multiply-structured porphyry hill in the Südtiroler Unterland with prehistoric, Roman as well as Early Medieval settlement traces. Today, the hill is a protected biotope. At the well-deserved picnic in the shadow of chestnut trees and with a view of the wine village of Tramin, the place of origin of the Gewürztraminer, you will recover from the impressive downhill ride quickly. Back on the Etsch cycle path, the afternoon will take you past the Laimburg across the „Coyote pass“, to the Kalterersee and on to the wine village of Kaltern, where the village square will invite you to a cup of coffee before you return to the nearby castle Englar.
At 7:30 PM, the accompanying bus will take you on a brief trip to the shared dinner at the „Landgasthof Turmbach“, a family business which is particularly popular with the locals for its typical South Tyrolean cuisine.

View of the Montiggler lakes.

6th day, Friday: Schloss Englar – Tramin – Kalterer See – Montigglerseen – Schloss Englar, 40 km
After breakfast, Schloss Moos-Schulthaus invites you to a detailed tour. The historical building is a particular secret tip. The facility created from a Medieval residential tower offers an authentic impression of the late medieval living culture as hardly any other castle does. Schloss Moos-Schulthaus is rather unobtrusive from the outside, but holds an unusual treasure of medieval, partially unusual, murals. Mice riot against tyrannical cats. Women harvest rope phalluses from the tree of fertility. Lions guard the entrance to the kitchen and the 500 years old chambers and rooms. Still impressed by the detailed tour, the eBikes will take you past Kaltern above the town and then down into calm Tramin in a short downhill ride, where “Egetmann Hansl“ celebrates his wedding every other year. Soon after, you will continue on to the Kalterersee.
Across colorful orchard meadows and through lush vineyards, you will reach the Montiggler lakes after a slight climb before your pedelon travel will end at Schloss Englar between 4 and 5 PM. As the ultimate ending to our travel a culinary highlight is waiting at the „Stroblhof“. Finest Southern Tyrolean cuisine will be accompanied by the best wines from the own wineyard.

Narrow streets in Bolzano.

7th day, Saturday
We will gladly take guests to the Bozen train station. By car, you can drive back to Munich within four hours via the Brenner, Innsbruck and Salzburg motorway.

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Guest voices

It was a very nice trip, ingenious views from lovely tracks, Roland and Alex extremely pleasant, and with our group we were also very lucky. Even the weather has swept us the beauty of this land. You can be very satisfied with your work. In addition to that, the hosts of Schloss Englar also fit into the picture with the casual, elegant yet hospitable nature as well as with this mixture of perfect new design inside and this rural cock-scream bohemian outside.

Dr. Ingo S. and Dr. Marie P.

We were all very enthusiastic about the beautiful days that we could spend in South Tyrol, especially in sunny weather, so everything was in the most beautiful light. Roland and Markus have looked after us very caringly and are also very flexible on our special wishes.
The accommodations Ottmangut and Schloß Englar were outstanding and can be recommended for demanding customers without any restrictions. The places for the dinner were very well selected.

Dr. Rudolf P.


South Tyrolean summer
Stunning views from above…