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From the end of June to the end of August you have the opportunity to discover with us the most beautiful region between Munich and the Garmischer Alps on four day trips in a group of a maximum of 10 people, including a fine picnic of selected regional specialties. Our eBikes have proven their value in all of Europe, and are at your disposal in top condition. It is easy to get there by S-Bahn, the DB or the Bavarian Oberlandbahn (BOB) and at the respective destination station, our eBikes or our bus are waiting for you.


Tour 3: Tegernsee – Valepp – Schliersee
(43 km)

A little more than a hundred years ago, the unspoiled mountain landscape between Tegernsee and Schliersee was the favorite hunting ground of the legendary Bavarian poacher Jennerwein, who was seen as one of the Bavarian national heroes. In front of this imposing and historic backdrop, our tour begins along the lake Tegernsee, past the 1200 years old Benedictine monastery and then through the valley of the rivers Rottach and the Red and White Valepp (Brotzeit- Bavarian snack!) up to the lake Spitzingsee. After a rapid descent to the lake Schliersee, our “Poacher Tour” in the alpine foothills ends at the train station of Miesbach.


Begin your excursion by taking the BOB to Tegernsee and return with the BOB from the station Miesbach (about 1 hour each).
Departure by S-Bahn/BOB in Munich around 8am.
Arrival in the city of Munich around 8pm.

Wednesday (29.06/2020 – 21/08/2020).
Special appointments by arrangement.

95 € per person
(including pedelon eBike, tour guide, picnic at lunch time incl. drink, cycle helmet).
Minimum number of participants: 4

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