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+++ Finis Terrae or Penn-ar-Bed – beginning or end of the world? +++ the Breton wind is a tireless worker +++ One breathed and tasted salt, iodine, algae, shells with every breath, how distilled the infinite vastness of the Atlantic, brightness and light. (Jean-Luc Bannalec) +++ Caesar’s legions against Aremorica’s Celts +++ and the shellfish greets one every day +++ dolmens, tumuli and menhirs +++ Corentinus’ eternal fish dish +++ Be Breizh! +++ rugged coastline and fine sand, caressed by the sea and the light +++ Anne de Bretagne gave birth to Claude de France +++ white gold from the end of the world +++ new colors in the city of mills +++ The Bretons are great : On Monday, they throw artichokes, potatoes on Tuesday, they block the streets on Wednesday, they break windows on Thursday, they spit on the finance minister on Fridays, what they do on Saturday I do not know and on Sunday they vote for the government. (Francois Mitterand, 1973) +++ Armor’s work, the raging Fromveur +++ 12 species of oysters from one sea, 6 species of fish in a cotriade +++

In a small round through the south of Brittany and the Finistère, max. 10 people, with a double overnight stay.

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Travel dates 2022.
FBR1: Saturday, 11-jun-2022 to Saturday, 18-jun-2022
FBR2: Saturday, 25-jun-2022 to Saturday, 02-jul-2022
FBR3: Saturday, 27-aug-2022 to Saturday, 03-sep-2022

Traveling price 2022
Price per person in the DR for 7 nights with half-board, eBike, entrance free, transfers, guided tours: 1970 €
Single-room surcharge: 450 €
Does not include lunch, drinks and your personal expenses as well as traveling there and back.

Flight 2022
We will be happy to help you find suitable flights to Nantes and back via Brest. In order to coordinate the free pick-up at Nantes airport, the flight to Nantes should be booked so that the arrival is between 3 and 6:30 pm. From there we will take you to our starting hotel „La Marébaudiere“ in Vannes in 1.5 hours. For the return trip, it would be ideal if the flight from Brest is not before 9 am.

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To the oceanic northwest corner of France, land between water and sky, rich in ancient witnesses and saint legends. Where living customs and profound religiosity are both signs of joie de vivre and solidarity with the region. With the eBike on beautiful coastal roads to contemplate fishing ports and fortified forts. Be enchanted by picturesque old towns and picturesque villages with delicate half-timbered houses and massive granite stone houses, let yourself be pampered by the excellent Breton cuisine, pure Brittany!

Arrival day to Nantes or Vannes on Saturday.

We will be happy to help you find suitable flights to Nantes and back via Brest. In order to coordinate the free pick-up at Nantes airport, the flight to Nantes should be booked so that the arrival is between 3 and 6:30 pm. From there we will take you to our starting hotel „La Marébaudiere“ in Vannes in 1.5 hours. For the return trip, it would be ideal if the flight from Brest is not before 9 am.

Vannes can be reached from Germany by train in one day. Due to the three train changes and travel times of 7 to 16 hours, altogether a rather tedious undertaking. From Stuttgart and Munich, it takes about 7 or 9 hours, from Hamburg or Berlin between 14 and 16 hours. By taxi, you are in five minutes from Vannes station to the starting hotel of the „La Marébaudiere“.
Further information can be found at

The relatively long journey by car to Vannes is only something for the enthusiastic driver. From Munich it is 1300 km, from Frankfurt 1100 km, from Hamburg and Berlin 1300 or 1500 km. We are happy to help you with parking your car in Vannes (16 €/day).

After the booking confirmation, the “pedelon travel information” is sent, which provides useful information regarding your travel to Nantes respectively Vannes and other tips for the journey.

In front of the city walls of Vannes.

With Lufthansa from Munich at 3.50 pm, Nantes will be reached without change of flights at 5.45 pm. The white pedelon bus will be waiting in front of the arrivals hall 2 to take guestsin a one-hour drive to Vannes. The capital of the Morbihan region has many picturesque views, a small marina, tree-lined quays and an intact medieval fortress with a picturesque old town, rich in colorful half-timbered houses.
The cyclists are expected in Vannes in the „Marébaudiere“, a rather functional, but with all comforts equipped four-star house that is central and quiet against. A typical Breton brasserie is reserved for pedelon guests not far from the hotel a table.

Stone rows at Carnac.

1st day, Sunday: Vannes – Etel, 64 km
Through the still sleepy Vannes we walk to the harbour and the boat to Locmariaquer. A small boat takes passengers through the Gulf of Morbihan to Île-aux-Moines, passing 42 islands in the azure sea, whose name means „small sea“ in Breton. A leisurely walk takes the passengers through the small port of Conleau, past the pine trees and picturesque houses back to another ferry that takes the cyclists back to Locmariaquer.
After a lunch break with a view of the oyster beds of „La Trinité“, today‘s cycle tour takes you through the heartland of Breton megalithic culture. 3,000 of these formations rise from the heath and leave their tracks over about a kilometer in length. The impressive arrangements of Le Menec, Kerlescan and Kermario are the world’s largest concentrations of erected stones. Nearby is also the huge Manio, a menhir of 6.50 m height.
In the afternoon, the contemplative Carnac and a little later on, the coast “Le Pô” is reached with its oyster farming. The last kilometers of cycling right on the coast and past seemingly endless sandy beaches are the most beautiful of the day. In the late afternoon, the small fishing village of Etel is reached, overnight at „Le Trianon“, a family-run hotel in the fourth generation, which has an excellent cuisine.

Pont Aven.

2nd day, Monday: Etel – Bénodet, 68 km
In the morning, after a short cycle, St-Cado is reached, a jewel of Breton church architecture and romantically located on a small island in an estuary. After a visit, the less attractive route around the industrial port city of L’Orient is bridged is accomplished with the pedelon bus and a taxi.
In Pont-Aven, place of the famous painting school of the same name, the transfer ends. Before continuing on the bike, visit the chapel with the “yellow Christ” on the cross, which inspired the painter Gauguin. After two hours of cycling, Concarneau will be reached, France’s second largest fishing port. In the “ville close”, the picturesque old town located on an island in the harbor, offers a stop for lunch in a typical country creperie.
Always near the Atlantic Ocean, along the coast, the afternoon cycling tour leads to Bénodet. The former fishing village is located at the mouth of the “most beautiful river in France”, the Odet. Not for nothing is this coastline called the “Breton Riviera”, a real insider tip for explorers and connoisseurs. The romantic “Villa Tri Men” welcomes the cyclists, a hotel inwhich one must fall in love. Dinner is only a few meters away in the small harbor restaurant with the best local cuisine.

Flower arrangements in Quimper.

3rd day, Tuesday: Bénodet – Baie de Douarnenez, 47 km
After breakfast, the morning bike tour takes you through luscious nature with views of secretive branches of the Odet and stately homes to Quimper.
Soon we will continue with the eBikes through the picturesque old town. In the most Breton of Breton cities, its half-timbered architecture and cathedral, a masterpiece of French late Gothic, are particularly worth seeing. After the extensive tour, we will take the easy uphill towards Locronan – ideal for our powerful eBikes – a medieval village with a particularly beautiful village square and an impressive pilgrimage church from the 15th and 16th centuries. Due to its architectural unity, Locronan is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Absolute duty is there to taste the local specialty, the “Kouign-Aman”, a substantial Breton cake.
In the late afternoon, the venerable “Hôtel de la Plage” welcomes its guests, a Relais & Chateaux with excellent cuisine and located directly at the sea.

The small port of Douarnenez.

4th day, Wednesday: Baie de Douarnenez – Le Conquet, 72 km
In the morning, it’s easy up and down, past thatched farmhouses, to the bay of Douarnenez, below the highest peak of Brittany, the Menez Hom. Around noon, the “Pointe de Penhir” is reached. From the narrow, heath-capped promontory, which forms the furthest tip of the Crozon peninsula, its cliffs offer spectacular views of the Pointe du Raz and the Pointe de St-Mathieu, today’s stage destination.
After a long lunch break in Camaret, a picturesque fishing port, where mainly lobsters are landed, the next kilometers by bike lead over a beautiful coastal road. Against the backdrop of the coastal panorama on the Bay of Brest, the largest natural harbor in France, the ride takes us to Le Fret. From here, the boat departs for Brest, which is reached after a one-and-a-half-hour boat ride. The last congested twenty kilometers from Brest to the hotel are bridged with a comfortable intermediate transfer.
About three kilometers south of Le Conquet is the Pointe de St-Mathieu. The 37-meter-high Phare de St-Mathieu stands in the middle of a dilapidated monastery from the 6th century. From its dome one can enjoy an outstanding view in a north-westerly direction to the Ile d’Ouessant and in a south-easterly direction to Brest. We stay in the “Hostellerie de la Pointe St-Mathieu”, a well-run family business, known for its excellent cuisine. Two nights, swimming pool included.

On the Ile d’Ouessant.

5th day, Thursday: Le Conquet – Ile d’Ouessant – Le Conquet, 38 km
A special highlight of this trip is the tour on the Ile d’Ouessant, the main island of an archipelago dominated by rocky ridges and cliffs which we will reach by speedboat in an hour. The effects of the Gulf Stream create currents that are among the mightiest in the world’s oceans. For a long time under nature protection and now also UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the island is a nesting place of numerous rare seabirds. The Breton name of the island is “Enez-Eussa”. Surrounded by cliffs, reefs and shoals, it has always been feared by sailors. This explains the five lighthouses surrounding the Ouessant.
Passing large wheat fields and salt marshes with brown wool sheep, spending the whole year in the open, you will continuously pass chapels and memorials, built in honor of the drowned and lost sailors. Back on the stage are the largest lighthouses in the country. In Lampaul, the island’s tiny picturesque harbor and main town, lunch is served in a quaint creperie. After a day of impressions, the return trip to the mainland takes place in the late afternoon.
Second overnight in Le Conquet. Dinner will be in a typical tavern with the best local cuisine in the old town of Conquet.

The Pointe de Pontusval.

6th day, Friday: Le Conquet – Brignogan Plage, 85 km
After breakfast, one of the most beautiful stages of the entire pedelon program begins. The tour leads through the northwestern corner of the European mainland, usually just a few meters from the shore. Beautiful landscapes can be found at the Côte des Abers, also known as the “Coast of Legends”. Here, the sea meets a wild coast and the flood penetrates into green oases. Majestic lighthouses guard the access to quiet harbors. Here in the Finistère (finis terrae) you are the closest to what makes up the scenic charm and thus the legendary reputation of Brittany. Small dreamy bays framed by huge boulders and stones characterize the landscape here.
From the Pointe de Corse you have a clear view to the Ile d’Ouessant. Another highlight is the Pointe de Pontusval. The small lighthouse with the same name towers romantically on the rocks next to a small bay.
In the heart of the “Pays Pagan”, the town of Kerlouan enchants with its grassy dunes and its unique atmosphere. Hidden behind huge, bizarrely shaped boulders, this picturesque fishing village with its thatched-roof houses has retained its charm of old times.
In the late afternoon, we reach Brignogan Plage where our hotel Relais de SiIence “Hôtel de la Mer”, a restored 19th century house, awaits us. It is not unjustly named because the Atlantic Ocean is only a few meters away.
To reminisce about the unforgettable days and to enjoy again the best Breton cuisine you meet for the last dinner together in the excellent hotel restaurant.
In rare cases the cyclists stay in the excellent four-star hotel „La Baie des Anges“, in the bay of the same name, directly on the sea, and dine in an excellent tavern on the harbor.

Beach at Brignogan.

7th day, Saturday: Brignogan Plage – Airport Brest
In the morning there is still some time to walk through the picturesque rock formations of the coast or to take a refreshing dip in the surfing Atlantic, before the pedelon bus and a taxi takes all travelers at 9 am in about 40 minutes’ drive to the 30 km away Airport Brest.
The return flight to Munich is at 11.20 am, with change of flight in Paris CDG. Arrival in Munich at 5.20 pm.

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