+++ Crete has the beauties of the whole world, therefore the Cretan moon is the most beautiful +++ hundreds of thousands of years of human creation surrounded by the sea +++ eggs and lemons in soups and sauces +++ this Cretan landscape resembled a good prose: clear-cut, sober, free of overload, strong and restrained (Nikos Kazantzakis) +++ Minoans, Mycenaeans, Byzantines, Saracens, Venetians, Ottomans formed Greece‘s largest island +++ conscientious objectors in Stone Age caves +++ love, hope, sadness, exile, war and blood revenge rhyme for half a millennium to the lyre +++ spring always prevails in Crete, because the earth was poured with the blood of those who fought for freedom +++ Crete is music for me! (Mikis Theodorakis) +++ there Gaia quickly brought her son to Lyktos by black night, embraced him and hid him in deep cave (Hesiod) +++ snails in oil and small shoes +++

Our tour through the east of Crete in 7 days, max. 14 people, two double overnight stays.

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Travel dates 2022
GKR1: Saturday, 02-apr to Saturday, 09-apr-2022
GKR2: Saturday, 09-apr to Saturday, 16-apr-2022
GKR3: Saturday, 16-apr to Saturday, 23-apr-2022
GKR4: Sunday, 09-oct to Sunday, 16-oct-2022
GKR5: Sunday, 16-oct to Sunday, 23-oct-2022
GKR6: Sunday, 23-oct to Sunday, 30-oct-2022

Traveling price 2022
Price per person in the DR for 7 nights with half-board, eBike, entrance free, transfers, guided tours: 1940 €
Single-room surcharge: 425 €
Does not include lunch, drinks and your personal expenses as well as travelling there and back.

Flight 2022
We will be happy to assist you in finding suitable flights to/from Heraklion.

Terms and conditions
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A special eBike trip on the southern edge of the Aegean: winding mountain trails, picturesque coastal roads, lush olive groves, rugged canyons, high mountain peaks and wide views of the deep blue sea make each of their stages a unique experience. On his way through the east of the island, the cyclist encounters again and again traces of an eventful, fascinating history. The hospitable, warm-hearted population, the traditional cuisine of the local taverns and very good hotels round off the picture of a wonderful pedelon eBike trip.

Arrival on Saturday respectively on Sunday.

We will be happy to assist you in finding suitable flights to/from Heraklion.

There are motorways that lead all the way to Venice, Ancona or Bari, where the ferries depart to Patras on the Peloponnese. From there, it is a two hours‘ drive to Piraeus and nine hours by ship to Heraklion.
The journey from Munich is between 36 and 47 hours, including the two ferries. All in all, this is a rather tedious journey. Surely, it would be more sensible to rent a car, which is rarely more than 120 € per week in Greece, to explore Crete before or after the trip.

The best connection leads via Munich, Budapest, Belgrade and Thessaloniki to Athens (about 1,500 km) and from there continue by ferry – a multi-day variant, which should be reserved for passionate train travelers.
Further information in specialized travel agencies or under

With your booking confirmation, you will receive the “pedelon travel information”, which contains useful notes on traveling to Heraklion and other advice around your trip.

Iraklion harbour.
Iraklion harbour.

Our guests will be collected at the airport of Heraklion between 5:30 and 6:30 pm on Saturday (end of March and April) and on Sunday (October). Many flights to Greece or Crete are operated by the modern fleet of the Greek airline „Aegean Air“, a member of „Star Alliance“. It was named the best European regional airline in 2017. Guests who arrive in Heraklion earlier can reach the hotel by taxi in about 20 min. This costs about EUR 35.
The „Elysium Boutique Hotel“ allows access to its rooms from 3 pm onwards. The recently opened luxury hotel is located right by the sea, near Heraklion. With its modern design, it is a very special inn that stands out architecturally from other resort hotels along the coast, as well as boasting a swimming pool. If you want to go for a walk before dinner, you can take a stroll along the beach and go for your first swim in the Cretan sea. For the first dinner together we meet in the hotel restaurant.

Windmills on the edge of the plateau.
Windmills on the edge of the plateau.

1st day: Heraklion/Analipsi – Sitia, 73 km
After breakfast, the escort bus takes the cyclists to the Lasithi plateau, also called the valley of a thousand windmills, in about 40 minutes. After the adjustment of the bikes, the bike route leads at 800 m above sea level, embedded between more than 2000 m high mountains, over fields and meadows always in the flat to Moni Vldianis. This monastery invites you to visit because of its history and equipment and gives first insights into the deep religiousness of the Cretans. Then you cycle between picturesque mills, apple and pear trees, past the stalactite cave of Psychro, where, according to myth, Zeus, the father of the gods, was fed by the goat Ámaltheia as an infant, to the eastern edge of the plateau, where you leave the plateau. A visit to the cave itself is not very rewarding and would also be associated with an arduous hike.
With a view of the Gulf of Mirambello, the bikes will roll downhill on the „Old Road“ towards Agios Nikolaos. Before reaching the tourist center in the east of the island, the tour turns south and leads along quiet little roads on the flank of the Dikti Massif towards Istro, which is located directly on the Cretan Sea. Some picturesque places are on the way to today‘s destination. For example Kritsa, a place with many narrow picturesque streets where local products and traditional handicrafts are offered, or the small Kroústas with its picturesque postcard architecture. From Ístro we will bridge with our escort bus a region of Crete, which is rather unsuitable for our kind of travel due to the topography and the many tourists. After about an hour we reach Sitia and thus our hostel for the next two nights. The „Sitia Bach City Resort & Spa“ is the best hotel on the site and with its comfortable rooms ideal for staying here twice. In the evening we have dinner in a very good fish restaurant not far from the busy port, less than ten minutes walk from the hotel.

View of the monastery Tolploú.
View of the monastery Tolploú.

2nd day: round trip Sitia, 65 km
After breakfast, one of the most beautiful bicycle routes through the far east of Crete awaits you today. Between the mountains, a hardly used side road winds through endless olive groves and picturesque villages to the barren and rugged Armenochantrades plateau. With the powerful pedelon eBikes, you can also cycle relaxed on the somewhat longer ascent through the magnificent landscape. In Ardravasti, the only village far and wide, you can take a well-deserved break in a rustic tavern. After the lunch break and a cycling stage of about two hours you will reach the monastery of Toploú. When you approach the complex, the abbey with its thick and high walls looks defensively like a medieval castle, almost repellent. Here in this lonely rocky desert, this sacred building seems to be a last outpost of civilization. Inside, the visitor is surprised by one of the most beautiful courtyards of the island and in the two nave church he can admire one of the most magnificent iconostases of Crete. The monks have been self-sufficient for a long time and still today there is intensive agriculture, especially olive oil production. In a small store the own products are sold.
With fabulous views of the Libyan Sea, we then take a somewhat busier road back to Sitia to the Beach City Resort Hotel. For guests who prefer to bridge these kilometers with the escort bus, the pedelon escort driver is available.
Dinner in a very good restaurant right by the sea.

From the mountains to the sea ...
From the mountains to the sea …

3rd day: Sitia – Koutsounári, 66 km
In the morning after breakfast the pedelon cyclists leave Sitia on quiet side roads towards the south coast. Today we have to cross a mountain range again – with the eBikes in the morning freshness rather pleasure than challenge. Soon the height is reached with a wonderful first view of the Libyan Sea on one side and the Cretan Sea on the other. In the gentle downhill at the foot of the Orno and Thripiti massif with the 1426 m high Aféndis Stavroménos, a picturesque change of vegetation takes place in front of the cyclist: sparse maquis and olive tree plantations are replaced by chestnut trees, Aleppo pines and mighty plane trees. In the small picturesque Stavrochori there is time to take a coffee break in the village square in the shade of the plane tree. In the village, which was founded by the inhabitants of the Koutsoura region to protect themselves from the attacks of the corsairs, picturesque alleys alternate with those with a certain morbid charm. The Chapel of St. Constantine, with flowers and lush greenery sprawling on its façade, is an attraction for believers and nature lovers. After eight kilometers downhill we reach the sea, where a taverna with excellent fish is waiting for the cyclists.
The last 20 kilometers of the day are particularly scenic – a small mountain road, which always offers magnificent views of the Libyan Sea, is our guide all the way to Koutsounàri, today‘s stage destination. The cyclists are expected at the excellent „Kakkos Beach“, a hotel with modern design and all comfort. Dinner in a restaurant with a beautiful terrace on the beach.

View over the Asterousia mountains.
View over the Asterousia mountains.

4th day: Koutsounári – Kapetaniana, 64 km
Today the day starts with a transfer of about half an hour to escape the hustle and bustle around the town of Ierapetra and a few annoying climbs. The southernmost city of Europe with its noisy streets and alleys and its crouching architecture clearly shows its proximity to the Orient. After taking over the bikes, the tour continues in a slight downhill to the south coast.
The following cycling stage always stays close to the coast, with many beautiful viewpoints of the Libyan Sea. Fruit and vegetable plantations and sleepy fishing ports line the way. In the small port of Tsousouros we have a light lunch before the tour starts through the Asterousia Mountains, the southernmost mountain range in Europe. The rugged beauty of the region is impressive. Steep gorges, caves and slopes on the south side of the mountains with sparse vegetation form an impressive scenery here. After 400 meters of altitude difference, which can be overcome either with the eBikes in comfortable mountain mode or with the help of the escort bus, the Messará Plain is reached. It is 40 km long and up to 12 km wide, countless olive trees and small white villages dominate the picture. Only a few short ascents and wonderful views over the plateau and the adjacent mountains make cycling here a special pleasure. In Loúkia, the destination of today‘s stage, our escort bus and the hotel‘s Landrover will take the guests in a quarter of an hour drive up to Kapetaniana, an idyllic mountain village, where the rooms are spread over several carefully restored houses. The „Thalori Retreat Hotel“ is a successful combination of traditional hotel business and modern comfort (double night & swimming pool). In the very good restaurant you can enjoy Cretan cuisine, which is prepared with passion and fresh ingredients of the region.

Everyday roadblocks.
Everyday roadblocks.

5th day: round trip Kapetaniana, 65 km
After breakfast on the terrace with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Libyan Sea, a short transfer takes you down to Loúkia and further by eBike across the Messará Plain to Apesokari. The striking, barren and fascinating landscape of the foothills of the Asterousia Mountains determines from here today‘s stage. The lonely mountain landscape seems endless and you hardly meet a soul. A longer, but easy to cycle ascent ends at a ridge road, which offers wonderful views as far as the Messará Bay. No less breathtaking is the leisurely descent to Lendas. From up here, one seems to have a glimpse of the Libyan coast on the horizon, the silhouette of Gávdos, an island off the coast of Crete, is clearly visible. At lunchtime we reach Léntas, a colorful oasis in the overpowering sea of rocks. There are only a handful of houses that have settled around the „Weeping Lion“, seeking shelter. Legend has it that when Crete separated from Africa, a lion missed the jump and turned to stone from sheer sorrow.
Directly on the beach with its quiet and relaxed atmosphere lunch is served in a wonderful taverna before we ride our pedelon eBikes back to the Thalori Retreat Hotel on a hilly route with magnificent views of the Psiloritis, the highest mountain on Crete (2,456 m). After a day full of impressions, we have a second delicious dinner at the hotel.

Ruins in Knossos.
Ruins in Knossos.

6th day: Kapetaniana – Heraklion, 62 km
It is with a heavy heart that one leaves Kapetaniana in the morning, a place to which one should actually return. The fertile Messará plain is crossed by e-bike, and endless olive, pomegranate and orange trees are your companions on the tour to Heraklion in the morning. Around noon, the lonely bike route winds its way between the impressive Ida and Dikti Mountains through intensively used landscapes and extensive wine growing areas. Only here the white, sun-blessed grape Kotsifali is cultivated. It is used for the strong, varietal wine of the same name, known for its strong aromas. In a tavern situated in a small valley, which is visited exclusively by locals, one can enjoy the Cretan lunch for the last time. Shortly before the day‘s destination the most famous excavation of the island is visited. In Knossos, which unfortunately is visited by many tourists, the ruins of the Minoan palace are explained under expert guidance. If several cruise ships have docked in Heraklion and more than 20 buses are waiting for a visit, it makes no sense to explore this famous excavation. Due to the traffic density in and around Heraklion we will cover the last kilometers by the escort bus and if necessary by cabs.
In the early evening pedelon guests are welcomed by the first class GDM Megaron Hotel not far from the port of Heraklion. For the last dinner together we meet on the top floor of the hotel, where an aperitif on the roof terrace is the ideal moment to review this wonderful trip.

Siesta in the shade.
Siesta in the shade.

7th day: departure
After breakfast with a view of the Cretan Sea, our guests are picked up by a local guide who proudly presents the most interesting and beautiful places of his city on a 2-hour city tour. Back at the hotel, a pedelon eBike trip full of impressions ends. From here it is only a few minutes to the airport, all flight connections are easily reached.
Or you can stay a few more days on this wonderful island and explore for example the equally interesting western part of Crete? In the pedelon travel information for this trip we have collected many tips for an additional stay.

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