Loire Valley

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+++ green river islands and golden +++ green river islands and golden sand banks on the last wild river in Europe +++ The Touraine and the Loire are France. So, it is not surprising that royalty lived here and built palaces as great as itself” (Balzac) +++ Eleonore d’Aquitaine, divorced from France, married to England +++ 1000 years of French history, great nature, excellent gastronomy +++ Italian rebirth in the Garden of France +++ “If not we, then who? If not now, then when?”(Joan of Arc) +++ clay, lime, gravel and flint nourish noble wines +++ the end of a genius in the arms of a king +++ down in the valley, the narrow river bends run through the graceful hills +++ grand dining in Sancerre, Vouvray and Muscadet +++ from the castle of the ladies to rock solid proof of imperial dignity +++

Our tour of the Loire Valley in 7 days, max. 14 people, 3 double overnight stays.

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Travel dates 2022
FVL1: Saturday, 21-may-2022 to Saturday, 28-may-2022
FVL2: Saturday, 04-jun-2022 to Saturday, 11-jun-2022
FVL3: Saturday, 18-jun-2022 to Saturday, 25-jun-2022
FVL4: Saturday, 20-aug-2022 to Saturday, 27-aug-2022

Traveling price 2022
Price per person in the DR for 7 nights with half-board, eBike, entrance free, transfers, guided tours: € 1965
Single-room surcharge: € 430
Does not include lunch, drinks and your personal expenses as well as travelling there and back.
This travel starts in Angers and ends in Orléans.

Flight 2022
We will be happy to help you find suitable flights.
The journey to Angers is via Nantes airport, which is served by Lufthansa flights from Munich on Saturday afternoons and can therefore also be easily reached from other German airports with a change of train in Munich. From the Nantes train station, it takes 45 minutes to get to Angers by local train (about € 30/person).
From Orléans, the airport cab organized by pedelon will take you to Paris CDG airport in 90 minutes, directly to the desired departure terminal, and from there you have direct connections to almost all German cities (approx. € 85/person).

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Take the eBike through the charming valley of the Loire, passing countless green river islands and golden sand banks. The effects of shadow and light charm the cyclists on the last wild river in Europe. Blessed with French history, it leads to stately royal palaces and major cities, through picturesque villages, past elegant manors and unknown jewels. Cycling in the Garden of France, delicacies at Sancerre, Vouvray and Muscadet in top restaurants and cozy “Auberges”. An unforgettable tour through French history, surrounded by magnificent nature and with excellent gastronomy.

Arrival in Angers on Saturday.

We will be happy to help you find suitable flights.
The journey to Angers is via Nantes airport, which is served by Lufthansa flights from Munich on Saturday afternoons and can therefore also be easily reached from other German airports with a change of train in Munich. From the Nantes train station, it takes 45 minutes to get to Angers by local train (about € 30/person).
From Orléans, the airport cab organized by pedelon will take you to Paris CDG airport in 90 minutes, directly to the desired departure terminal, and from there you have direct connections to almost all German cities (approx. € 85/person).

Angers can be reached in a day trip in about 10 hours from Munich and Stuttgart by trains with one change of train in Paris. From Hamburg and Berlin it is at least 16 hours; this also involves several changes of trains.

When traveling by car, it is recommended to travel around Paris. From the east, the best way is via Troyes and Sens to Orléans, park your car in the pedelon partner garage (pre-registration required, about € 70 / week) and take the train from Orléans (17:02). If you prefer to drive directly to Angers with your car, you can park the car safely in the guarded parking garage of the station (about € 100 / week). Pre-registration is not required.

The “pedelon travel information” is sent with the booking confirmation, containing useful instructions on getting to Angers and other tips for the trip.

Fortifications of Angers.

At the „Hôtel 21 Foch“, the rooms are available to pedelon cyclists from 3 pm. If you arrive early to Angers, from our hotel you can explore the narrow streets and the many picturesque squares of the old town. Meeting for the first dinner at 8 pm in the lobby.

Chateau de Saumur.

1st day, Sunday: Angers – Saumur, 40 km
After breakfast, you will walk to the historical center to the castle of Angers, where the world-famous carpet cycle of the “Apocalypse of St. John” can be seen in this medieval fortress. After intense sightseeing, the first cyclistically unattractive kilometers are covered by taxi, and the bicycles are taken over by you outside the lively city. Following, you will enjoy a beautiful ride on quiet paths in throughout flat countryside, through picturesque villages always in the immediate vicinity of the gently flowing Loire. In the afternoon, Cunault, which has an amazingly large Romanesque church, will be reached. After this visit, you will ride with your eBike in a little more than an hour, always along the Loire shore, back to Saumur. The former “Tuffeau”, mines of the city where today wine cellars, apartments and restaurants can be found, or mushrooms are grown, are constant companions on the last cycle kilometers of the day. If you are interested, you can visit one of the most famous wineries in the city and taste the sparkling wine of the region. In the picturesque old town of Saumur, you will be greeted by the excellent “Hotel St. Pierre” (double overnight). For dinner, we go to one of the best restaurants in the city.

Fontevrault Abbey.

2nd day, Monday: Saumur – Abbaye de Fontevraud – Saumur, 42 km
In the morning after a short ride we reach the “Château de Saumur”. With its high octagonal towers, its cross-windows, ornamental gables and its ornate shooting ranges, the castle of Saumur reminds you of a fairy-tale castle. The following path leads from the vineyards and picturesque villages to the Abbaye de Fontevraud, where the crypt of the Plantagenêts including the tomb of Richard Loewenherz are located in the well-known abbey church. Particularly impressing is the former monastery kitchen in the Roman “Tour d’Evraud”, with a very complex construction for the era. In the afternoon, on the way back to Saumur, you will reach the unknown but interesting to see “Château de Brézé”. The oldest parts of today’s building date back to the 13th century and they were greatly altered during the Renaissance. From the dry ditches, the visitor reaches an amazing cave system, which had been developed by the dismantling of the tufa stone and used for economic purposes since the 16th century. In the far-flung caverns, the visitor encounters, among other things, a bakery, a room for silk rape breeding, a wine press and a huge wine cellar. On quiet paths along the river Thouet, the last twelve kilometers lead back to Saumur. Second overnight at Hôtel St Pierre. We dine in a very good restaurant nearby.


3rd day, Tuesday: Saumur – Chenonceaux, 68 km
After breakfast, our minibus takes you to Chinon in less than an hour‘s drive. Above the small town on the Vienne you can see the ruins of the once proud fortress, in which the Virgin of Orléans met Charles VII for the first time. Chinon is known today not only for its red wines, but also for its old town, where medieval half-timbered houses and small aristocratic palaces from the Renaissance line up harmoniously. After a short break in one of the most beautiful historical centers of France, we will travel on small paths from the Vienne over the Indre to the Loire and this for about thirty kilometers following Villandry. Here it is not so much the castle that takes your breath away, but the gardens that are known beyond the borders and designed by the former owner Doctor Joachim Carvallo according to historical models. A short transfer helps to avoid the busy surroundings of Tours. After just over half an hour, we reach the small town Amboise, from where it goes by bike to the village of Chenonceaux, where an eventful day ends at the pedelon partner hotel „Le Bon Laboureur“, the best house in town with excellent cuisine and very tasteful ambience.

On the banks of the Loire.

4th day, Wednesday: Chenonceaux – Loches – Chenoncaux, 66 km
After breakfast, we visit the Château de Chenonceaux, also known as the “Castle of the Women”. For more than four centuries, the landladies have managed the destinies and provided for the construction, expansion and maintenance of one of the most enchanting castles. We exit the Cher valley in south direction. By eBike along the Chézelle, which is mostly free of traffic, we arrive at Loches. The castle is situated on a rocky plateau on the left bank of the Indre above the French town of Loches. The resort has one of the oldest keeps of France and is one of the best preserved European architectural ensembles of the Middle Ages. After an in-depth tour and a cozy lunch break in the lively old town, we ride along the Indre through small hamlets and wide areas of agricultural land back to Chenonceaux to „Bon Laboreur“. Here, you have again a second opportunity to experience the excellent quality of the food.

Chateaux de Blois.

5th day, Thursday: Chenonceaux – Blois – Beaugency, 64 km
After a short morning transfer, the eBikes are accepted in the village of Cormeray and we continue our ride on a tranquil route through forest and meadows. We soon come to the Château Cheverny. The castle, situated away from the tourist crowds, is known for the most magnificent furniture of the Loire Valley. It is equipped with remarkable paintings, Flemish tapestries from the 14th Century, rare chests of drawers in the style of Louis XIV and many other treasures. Around noon we reach Blois. Sat enthroned high on the banks of the River Loire, the Loire castle was the residence of the French Valois and Orleans dynasties in the 16th Century and combines buildings from four eras. On a nearly traffic free bike path in the immediate vicinity of the Loire, magnificent manor houses and stately chateaus line the route along the river up to Beaugency. The 36-meter high 11th century keep can already be seen from a distance. It is one of the few largely preserved specimens of its kind in France and lets the visitor imagine how rich in history this place is. The comfortable, traditional hotel “L’Ecu de Bretagne” welcomes cyclists in the late afternoon after a cycling tour filled with impressions. In rare exceptional cases, pedelon cyclists may stay at the „Grand Hôtel de l‘Abbaye“, which is of equal quality. Dinner in a bistro near the hotel.

Chateaux de Chambord.

6th day, Friday: Tour of the Sologne region, 70 km
In the morning, we will ride through the heath and moorland landscape of the Sologne. The path leads through the dense mixed forests in which countless ponds hide. A preferred nesting area for ducks, wild geese and herons. The still untouched nature is interrupted now and then by picturesque villages with typical Longères architecture. With their low-profile design, these old houses seem to be hiding in the countryside. From here, and in all Sologne, there are organized hunts which take place up to today. Hundreds of castles in the region are witnesses of this centuries-old tradition. In the afternoon, we reach Chambord, the undisputed jewel of the Loire Castles. Through seemingly endless avenues and a gigantic castle park, we will finally reach „the epitome of what human art is capable of“, or at least this is how Charles V described it. The magnificent architecture of the castle remains unforgettable and, on the guided tour, you can get a picture of the size and uniqueness of the castle. Discreet paths lead us back to Beaugency into the „Ecu de Bretagne” and in the evening, you will meet for an excellent dinner in a very good Auberge, located in the middle of the old town.

Jeanne d’Arc.

7th day, Saturday: Beaugency – Orléans
In the morning, a small walk through sleepy streets leads us to the train station of Beaugency. The local train takes 15 minutes to Orléans. On a city tour through the old town streets, we visit the Maison de Jeanne d‘Arc, the mighty Cathedral Ste Croix, and the Place de Martoi with the famous statue of the Virgin of Orléans. This was the site of the triumph of Jeanne d‘Arc over the British, where she gloriously ended the siege of the city on May 8, 1429. Her quote is still unforgotten „Of the love or hatred God has for the English, I know nothing, but I do know that they will all be thrown out of France, except those who die here.“
The journey through the valley of the Loire ends at noon at the railway station of Orléans. From here, we will take the train and in two hours, with one change of trains, we are at the Paris Roissy CDG airport and can take all flights to Germany. If you have not booked the pedelon arrival package, we would be happy to help you book a place in the shuttle bus to the airport in Paris for about 85 € per person.

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Castles of the Loire from the air
Impressive air views from the Loire Valley. Some of the castles are also on our way…


Castles of Europe – Loire (german)
This remarkable documentation (Arte/ZDF, 2012) gives an insight into the landscape and history of this very special land.


On the banks of the Loire (german)
The Loire is the longest river in France: over 1020 km it flows from its source in Ardèche to its mouth between Nantes and St. Nazaire. To this day it flows through its wild river bed, which is constantly being reformed by newly emerging islands and floods, but could never be channeled by humans. Just as unique as the river and its landscape are the people who live here – life artists, story-tellers and painters who have defended their culture against all external influences and have preserved it to this day. The illustrator Jean-Jack Martin has lived here for a long time and is part of this area. He knows the fishermen, hunters and farmers and takes us in this documentary (ORF, 2015) on a discovery tour through the specialties of the local cuisine.