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+++ unknown Italy combined in one region +++ Federico Fellini and Gioachino Rossini +++ „God, how good it was to travel to Italy!“ (Stendhal) +++ cave cheese, red wine tears and the oldest Republic in the world +++ „If you wanted to clarify which Italian landscape is most typical, you would have to give the name of The Marches… Italy, with its landscapes, is a distillation of the world, The Marches are a distillate of Italy.“ (G. Piovene) +++ with back wind across the sea  +++ gentle hills, steep rocks, narrow gorges, wide sea +++ a love story for world literature +++ across Roman bridges, through antique tunnels +++ to Piero della Francesca, Raffael and Tizian +++ enchanting lodgings, Italian enjoyment +++


Our tour through the Marken and San Marino in 7 days, up to 14 persons. 3 double overnight stays.

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Travel dates 2022
IMK1: Saturday, 07-may-2022 to Saturday, 14-may-2022
IMK2: Saturday, 14-may-2022 to Saturday, 21-may-2022
IMK3: Saturday, 24-sep-2022 to Saturday, 01-oct-2022
IMK4: Saturday, 01-oct-2022 to Saturday, 08-oct-2022

Traveling price 2022
Price per person in the DR for 7 nights with half-board, eBike, entrance free, transfers, guided tours: € 1920
Single-room surcharge: € 465
Does not include lunch, drinks and your personal expenses as well as travelling there and back.

Flight 2022
We will be happy to help you find suitable flights to/from Ancona. Return flight to/from Ancona from Munich, with change in Munich from almost every German city.

Participation conditions
The arrangement contains the above services. Our terms and conditions apply.


By eBike across endless hills to unknown places. By sailboat to special sites, into history and tradition. Fine food and extraordinary quarters will be waiting in a hidden region of Italy. Submerse and climb, enjoy unrestrained Italian lifestyle and discover new things.

Trip to Ancona on Saturday.

We will be happy to help you find suitable flights to/from Ancona. Return flight to/from Ancona from Munich, with change in Munich from almost every German city.

From Munich you can reach Ancona by train in 9 hours with one transfer in Bologna.

Continuous highway connection to the „Marotta” highway exit. From there, 8 km on the „SP424“ country road in the direction of „Mondolfo, Mondavio“. After you have passed the location of Ponte Rio, follow the sign to “Monterado” at the next rotary. After 3.5 km, you come to the start of the tour hotel, “Castello di Monterado“. You can park in front of the hotel on an unguarded car park, which is free of charge. At the end of the trip, we will gladly take you back to your car.

With the booking confirmation, you will receive the “pedelon travel information”, which contains useful notes on travelling to Monterado and other advice concerning your trip.

Our start hotel, the Castello di Monterado.

The start of the tour hotel “Castello di Monterado“ is in the small village of the same name. Here, Kira and Orlando open the gates of their castle from the 18th Century. A lovely garden, a swimming pool as well as a small forest offer everything for a pleasant start into the week in addition to the lovely decorated rooms (double bed). A nearby restaurant which is popular with the locals invites you to enjoy your first dinner there.

In the narrow streets of Ostra.

1st day, Sunday: Monterado  – Ostra – Monterado, 50 km
Our first ride leads us through centuries-old cultural landscapes, our view wanders over the hills, the sea glows in the distance, in the vicinity however, there are medieval towns surrounded by walls. The jewel of Ostra, with its main market square lined with arcades and its narrow streets, is worth a visit. On beautiful paths, it is hilly to a first picnic with the specialties of the area. In the afternoon, the bike trail leads in a wide arc to Corinaldo, a site full of mighty walls that has many stories and beautiful views. From here, it is only a few more kilometers on a panoramic route back to the hotel. In the evening, a traditional local restaurant offers typical regional cuisine.

On the beach of Pesaro.

2nd day, Monday: Monterado  – Cartoceto – Pesaro, 66 km
This morning, our tour leads us, after a short descent into the valley, to the next hill. From there we will ride on the hillside into the heartland. Again, and again, you will be amazed by the beautiful view. The morning destination Mondavio invites you to a caffè at the Piazza, but is also impressive with its filigree defense architecture. Through a longer descent and a three-stage climb, we arrive at Cartoceto at noon, centre of olive groves in The Marches. After a properly strengthening meal, Novilara is the next destination on the bicycle map. Raised above the sea, it is one of the oldest settled places of the region. The way to the beach is short now. The last kilometers run entirely flatly up to Pesaro, the home town of Gioachino Rossini. The modern 5-star hotel „Excelsior Pesaro“ is located right by the beach. It makes you forget the not always lucky Italian spa architecture of the last decades. On the trip IMK5 will be the “Grand Hotel Vittoria”, also a 5-star hotel with a lot of charm and character, accommodation of pedelon cyclists. In the evening, a restaurant that is much loved by the locals will treat its guests to many sea specialties.

Ponte di Tiberio in Rimini.

3rd day, Tuesday: Pesaro –  Rimini – Verucchio, 48 km
In the morning, the eBikes climb the Natural Park of San Bartolo whose steeply sloping coast always offers beautiful views of the sea. At the end of a long descent, the Baia di Vallugola is reached, where, should the weather be merciful, a catamaran leaves in the direction of Rimini. A jump into the cool water is just as possible as an extended meal on board. In Riminis Centro Storico, the crowded beaches are immediately forgotten. The home town of Federico Fellini can look back on millennia of history, its squares invite you to linger. The Tempio Malatestiano – one of the highlights of early Italian renaissance, is also worth seeing. A bicycle path along the meandering banks of the Marecchia river finally leads to Verucchio, a small, charming village. Here, the „Oste del Castello“ is waiting for its guests. It is a very tasteful hotel consisting of two converted buildings with a small spa area (double night). In the evening, the route leads to the Ristorante “La Rocca”, one of the highest points of the village.

View of San Marino.

4th day, Wednesday: Verucchio – San Leo – San Marino – Verucchio, 50 km
Today’s bike ride leads through the rugged area of ​​Montefeltro. At the beginning at the banks of the river Marecchia, the tour will take us along the meadows up to San Leo, according to Umberto Eco the most beautiful place in Italy. The unique fortress stands out on top of a fulcrum, including two Romanesque churches and the town square of the attractive center. After an extensive picnic, the eBikes can make use of the “backwind” in full on the slope to San Marino. The last kilometers with heavy traffic are undertaken by taxi in 10 minutes, and then by cable car to the historic center under UNESCO protection. The oldest still existing Republic on earth has maintained its strange character in spite of its popularity as a tourism site. The defensive towers, the city hall, the guards – everything looks a little out of its proper time. Still, proud heirs of a tiny state, which has safely survived to this day through all the chaos of history, live here. After a detailed visit, the escort bus will take you back to Verucchio. In the evening, the kitchen of the much-praised hotel will welcome its guests.

Support along the wayside.

5th day, Thursday: Verucchio – Montefiore Conca – Urbino Resort, 45 km
By bus, the widely recognizable Montefiore Conca is reached, a small village that has been surpassed by its massive castle. Once again, the battle-filled times of this area become visible and tangible. After the tour, you will walk through a quiet valley to a small Agriturismo, where Arianna and Marco have settled in a relaxed area. After lunch, you will cycle to Mondaino, not least known for the cave cheese that matures inside the earth for months.
For the “Urbino Resort” surrounded by a dreamy landscape, an old abandoned village was revived. Surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and well-kept gardens, enchanting rooms for the next two nights are waiting. In the evening, you will reach a restaurant after a brief walk that treats its guests to many different pizza creations. Gambero Rosso declared the restaurant one of the most innovative pizzerias of Italy.

Renaissance facades in Urbino.

6th day, Friday: Urbino Resort – Urbino – Urbino Resort, 40 (67) km
The last cycle day begins in Urbino, the renaissance pearl of Italy. A competent guide will explain the beauties of this fascinating city, not least also the Palazzo Ducale with its imposing works of Raffael, Titian and Piero della Francesca. Following, the route goes along a small path towards Gola del Furlo, an impressive canyon with steep rock walls. Among other things, the ride passes through a tunnel from the Roman era. A few kilometers after Gola, you can take the bus back to the hotel or ride the last very beautiful, but more challenging, kilometres on the eBike.
The last dinner is taken in the hotel‘s lake restaurant.

Coastal landscape at Fano.

7th day, Saturday: Urbino Resort – Fano
Before heading to the airport or back to the starting hotel after breakfast, a stop in the picturesque town of Fano is a good idea, where there is still a little time to stroll through the quiet alleys or across the lively squares. At the weekend market you might find a last souvenir or memento of this trip.

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Verucchio e dintorni
Fantastic environments of Verucchios from a different point of view…


Otto e mezzo
A trailer for Rimini-born Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2 (or Otto E Mezzo). Music: Gioachino Rossini’s Barber Of Seville. Edited by Brandon Kyle Goco.


local patriotism in Italian
Impressive views from above of the Palio de Mondaino.


Rossini: LA SCALA DI SETA (Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro)
Rossini’s sparkling La scala di seta of 1812 weaves a burlesque tale of gentlemen climbing in and out of a lady’s bedchamber on a silken ladder. Damiano Michieletto’s modern-day production from the Rossini Festival in Pesaro sets the action in the two-room apartment of the heroine Giulia, sung with ‘wonderful suppleness’ (Opernwelt) by Olga Peretyatko. The production also features a spectacular grand aria for Blansac (Carlo Lepore) extraneous to the work. Leading a young and spirited cast of Rossini specialists is maestro Claudio Scimone, a key figure in the international Rossini Renaissance.
The Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, the composer’s birthplace, is internationally renowned for its innovative stagings and musically impeccable productions.


Urbino – center of renaissance
Beautiful pictures of the historical Urbino, named World Heritage in 1998.